Jackson, MS: Legacies of the Great Migration Art Exhibit

I recently took a trip to Jackson, Mississippi to capture the Mississippi Museum of Art’s newest art exhibit (2022) A Movement in Every Direction: Legacies of the Great Migration. I was completely floored with the artistry, the detail, the perspectives, and how relatable it was to me in the present day. #LegaciestheGreatMigration speaks to the 6 million Black Americans who left Southern United States between 1915-1970. “I was moved” is a complete understatement! Being a college student years ago in Jackson, MS it was so heart-warming to be back in town and to see how things have progressed since I left in 2018. Here is my personal timeline, with more recommendations so you can plan your own trip!




I’m usually one to choose a more unique kind of lodging wherever I go. I can stay in hotels plenty of times, but I found this place on AirBnB for around $70/night & booked it for the weekend!

It’s so nice! Also has secure entrances and exits, only accessed with a fob. It was relatively quiet, which was perfect since I was up late and out early every morning!

Saturday morning, I headed out down a few blocks to the Mississippi Museum of Art. Even as this exhibit travels across the country, the MS Museum of Art is a must-see on your trip! Allow yourself to wonder, to explore, and to feel things you don’t think about often. Art has a way of speaking to us when words alone can’t do the moment justice. Here are a few pieces that spoke to me as a creator and a dreamer and a human.

The exhibit tells the stories of Black Americans who left Southern US from 1915-1970. Each piece of art was a conversation and an exploration of so many people’s journeys, including my own. These stories impacted families then, and it impacts us now. If you’re looking for your next road trip, visit www.msmuseumart.org for more information. 

After spending a few hours at the Art Museum, I ventured into town for some good eats!




Brent’s Burger with Onion Rings was so nostalgic. Brought me back to my college days! And the milkshake is banana and vanilla ice cream. *drool*

I met a friend later for drinks at Brent’s, which after closing turns into a bar called The Apothecary. For some reason I had never been when I was in undergrad, but I was so excited to experience it with a dear friend!

Of course I made the stop into Cups coffee for a Brunette Latte (pictured below).

Cups has such a homey-vibe and is a great place to study, meet up with friends, go on a date, or just spend some time with yourself. Fondren is the best place to go to with friends, and it’s just right down the road from Brent’s (walking distance)!

Next on my tour of Jackson was to check out The Civil Rights Museum! The Civil Rights Museum is attached the Mississippi Museum of History and it is huge!

Here are a few pictures from the Civil Rights side:

This Little Light of Mine Gallery
The recorded lynchings in Mississippi between the late 1800’s to the present day. A humbling experience.
Many displays were interactive and immersive. This is a school where the blackboard played a video, as if the teacher were writing on the chalkboard with white chalk.

Other Jackson Recommendations:

Eudora Welty House & Garden


Capri Movie Theater


Fondren Pub – for drinks and games like Connect Four, giant Jenga, and Corn Hole check this place out!


Highball Lanes – 10 bowling lanes, and a tiki bar!


What would you like to see in Jackson? Comment below! & most importantly, Ken We Go Now?

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