Jackson, MS: Legacies of the Great Migration Art Exhibit

I recently took a trip to Jackson, Mississippi to capture the Mississippi Museum of Art’s newest art exhibit (2022) A Movement in Every Direction: Legacies of the Great Migration. I was completely floored with the artistry, the detail, the perspectives, and how relatable it was to me in the present day. #LegaciestheGreatMigration speaks to theContinue reading “Jackson, MS: Legacies of the Great Migration Art Exhibit”

MYSTIC FALLS, VA (The Vampire Diaries: on location)

Hello! Welcome back to Ken we go now? I am so excited to share with you guys about my latest spontaneous trip to the filming location of The Vampire Diaries!! I traveled to meet family in North Carolina, and on the way home it was exactly 29 minutes extra (still on the route) to stopContinue reading “MYSTIC FALLS, VA (The Vampire Diaries: on location)”

Talking Travel: Why EVERYONE Should Get Out of Their Comfort Zones

It’s almost been a whole year (tomorrow) since I left the country for three months to live in a country I lovingly call my second home. It feels like a lifetime ago that I was boarding a plane to Tanzania, Africa and I have so many thoughts on the subject, still changing everyday. If youContinue reading “Talking Travel: Why EVERYONE Should Get Out of Their Comfort Zones”

Around The World With One Stomach

Sharing some AMAZING dishes this week! Tag me on Instagram @kenelizabethc if you’re visiting the country and trying the food from this list – I’d love to see it! 1. GERMANY – Döner This is probably the cheapest thing I eat here! It’s essentially, roasted meat with your normal toppings: lettuce, tomato, and onions. CabbageContinue reading “Around The World With One Stomach”

All The Houses

Hello again. 🙂 Today I visited Mendelssohn’s and Bach’s houses. I think by far my favorite was Mendelssohn’s. I loved learning about him in class this past semester and developed a deep love for his overture for A Midsummer Night’s Dream. If you have never heard it…here’s a link for you: (A Midsummer Night’s Dream: Overture) MendelssohnContinue reading “All The Houses”