Around The World With One Stomach

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Sharing some AMAZING dishes this week! Tag me on Instagram @kenelizabethc if you’re visiting the country and trying the food from this list – I’d love to see it!

1. GERMANY – Döner

This is probably the cheapest thing I eat here! It’s essentially, roasted meat with your normal toppings: lettuce, tomato, and onions. Cabbage is added and it’s wrapped in the most delicious pita bread. Definitely hits the spot after walking around all day! Most places have them on the street!


2. JAPAN – Yakisoba

Soba in Japanese means Noodles. Boy, oh, boy is this dish delectable! Meat (I usually get chicken), veggies, and fried noodles served HOT. The proper Yakisoba will be covered in a sweet sauce that makes you wanna roll your eyes in delight! It comes in a bowl and is the perfect lunch idea. My mom always says this was her favorite thing to eat when she was pregnant with me – maybe that’s why I love it so much! Here’s a recipe if you’re not in Japan. 🙂

YAKISOBA – cooking classy

3. TANZANIA (AFRICA) – Makande

Okay, SERIOUSLY I’m going through withdrawals just thinking about this dish! I call it “sweet baby food.” It’s a mixture of beans and white corn, mixed with coconut milk and butter or vegetable oil. It’s my favorite thing to eat in Tanzania! The coconut milk is optional, but I tried it without and missed it greatly. Don’t forget to pair it with avocados! Here’s a recipe!


4. AUSTRIA – Apfelstrudel

Though the “home” of the Apfelstrudel is debatable between Austria and Germany, I had the best Apfelstrudel in Austria by far! If your phonics skills are working and you think this sounds a lot like an “Apple strudel” you would be right! Though I should specify: without the vanilla sauce on top of your bread covered, sweet tasting apples it really won’t be the same. All about the sauce, people! I’ve linked a recipe (all in German, so make sure you translate the page on your computer/tablet/phone).


Are you just as starving as I am now?



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