Taking it day by day….very slow days, I might add

T-minus 7 days. SEVEN days?! Like, really, seven whole days until I depart for Rome, Italy. I have been dreaming about this place since the beginning of my freshman year when I had an excellent teacher who gave me my love for Ancient Roman history. I’ve been re-reading my history notes from her whilst reading Ancient Rome:The Rise and Fall of an Empire by Simon Baker that someone I used to know gave me as a birthday present a year or two ago. I’ve been talking to a few people in the church that have been and they’ve let me see their pictures, as well.  Some might say that I’m a little over-prepared or too obsessed when I tell them that the biggest thing I’m worried about is forgetting memories of certain places (because my tour group will be EVERYWHERE) and not having enough time to jot every place down, but I’m convinced there is no such thing. I WILL REMEMBER!

The excitement really is overwhelming. My aunt is going with me and my group and she’s just as excited if not more. 🙂 Wait–no, that couldn’t be possible. Ha! Anyway, though. I’ve just discovered another worry: how will I pack a week and a half into my suitcase that I’ll be carrying to and from hotel to hotel to cruise ship? Should be quite an adventure. 😉

Do stay tuned.


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  1. Susan Kaplan-Williams says:

    You are off to a wonderful adventure my beautiful granddaughter! Enjoy every moment. Savor every day and most of all – have FUN!!


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